Our Story

When establishing our Café Karolina, we had no doubt we were going to name it after our beloved Grandmother. With Café Karolina, we would like to cherish all the lovely memories She shared with us all through Her life.

We aim to give the world something unique and special as our Grandmother did.

The owner wish you a wonderful time at Café Karolina:

The brothers Schindele


Karolina's Confectionery

We have a long list of our Grandma Karolina’s home made cake recipes She left to us. We prepare our cakes with selected ingredients of excellent quality, and with as much care as She used to do.

Karolina's pantry

Our small Pantry is full of goods we have been preparing for years. We are really proud of our hot and classic pork sausages, our smoked ham, and liver paté as well. We provide only home made cheese from local manufacturers.

Karolina's Coffee house

One of our specialities is the selected, home-roasted, aromatic Arabica coffee. We offer you freshly roasted, so that you can enjoy the best quality every day. We created our natural tea blends without any additives, the rich flavour comes from the fruits and petals only.


Karolina Coffee

8230 Balatonfüred, Zákonyi Ferenc utca 4.

Telefon: +36 87 / 583-098
E-mail: info@karolina.hu

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday: 9-23