Balatonfüred, Zákonyi F. Street 4. Phone: +36 87 583 098, E-mail:

Only the most beautiful buds and leaves are selected for our tea mixtures. The scent and taste of our teas is solely determined by dried fruit and blossoms.
One of our specialities is the selected, home-roasted, especially aromatic fine Arabica coffee. The French (medium brown) way of roasting gives it a slight taste of hazelnut and chocolate.
Our grapes are grown on the slightly falling slopes of Balatonfüred facing Aszófő. Besides the classical white, rosé and red wines we are also proud of our fresh semi-sparkling wine for summer called Karolina’s Pearl.
We recommend fresh, crispy home-made bread or caraway-seed roll to go with good wine.
We established this café to commemorate dear grandma Karolina and the wonderful and unforgettable childhood experience she gave us.
Karolina’s pálinkas are prepared from carefully selected, juicy and delicate fruits in the spirit of traditions and refined taste. Karolina’s pálinkas don’t contain any additives.

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